Preparing to leave...

So as i prepare to leave there are so many people that i want to thank.
First of all God and his constant love and hope that he has given me. My life has been filled with a lot of ups and downs but God has shown me that through all of those situations it was all for his glory.
Secondly is my church. Immanuel church and its members have been my family and my support since i was born. The pastors that have pastored and the teachers that have taught have all been a crucial part to me coming to know God as my father.
Third i want to thank my family. My Dad has been by theological dictionary. Any question that i have been fighting with i have been able to bring to him and most of the time have them answered. Beyond that he is also my adventure partners. Whether it be running a 1/2 marathon, biking 60 miles, hiking the canyons of Bryce and Zion, he has always been my training partner. He is been a great role model in my life of how to be a great father and dad. My Mom has been my constant and unconditional support. No matter what is going on in my life she is always willing to help and is always there for me when i need her. From the hours of long conversations, to tears shed over hard situations, through learning how to run a house, she has such a servants heart and has shown me how to have servants heart and that i should first put God and then others before me.
Then of course is my little Annie. Okay maybe shes not so little anymore and as of July 11th 2009 she'll officially be a Khirallah (yay!! love you Greg) So being the older sister during our younger years i think i may have picked on Annie a little more than I should have, but look how strong shes become. Anyway Annie is by far my best most favorite friend in the world. I am so excited for her and Greg as they start their lives together. My family is definitely the people that i will miss the most as i take on this adventure but I also know that they are the ones that support me and will be praying for me over these next 2 years. I know that once Billy was taken from us i think we all realized just how important we are to each other and how life can be taken away with the blink of an eye. I know that one day we will all see him again but for now God has left us here to glorify him and we will do our best to do just that.

And of course the rest of my family all across the map of the US. To my grandparents in Ohio who have showed me that perserverance can get you through just about anything. To my cousins in Boston and Chile for showing me how to think outside the box. To my Aunt and Uncle in Michigan who have shown me that humor can help heal many wounds. To my Aunt and Uncle in Boston who've taught me to be passionate about what i believe. And to my cousins who originated in Michigan who've shown me that no matter how far apart people are some bonds can never be broken.

Last but not least want to thank all of my friends. I wont even go into naming names because there have been so many of you that have touched my life in ways i can not even begin to explain. From water babies in Lowell, Boys 2 Men talent show, sensational 7, hockey games, and of course the 7th floor Angels.I also want to say a special thank you to Mass General Hospital especially the staff of Ellison 18. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most wise and caring nurses that i have ever met. The past 3 years have been some of the most fun and rewarding years of my life. You have all helped me get the wisdom, confidence, and love that i needed to take this leap of faith.

Many of these friends are now family. The memories that we have all made is something that will never fade. I know that if i ever need a pick me up all i'll need to do is think back on one of the many situations that have brought me laughter and joy. Thank you for all your support throughout these years and thanks for all those who believed in me and prayed for me in all my life's ups and downs.

Please continue to pray for me as i prepare to embark on this journey and also during my time on the ship over in Africa (i leave in June of 2009). If you have any questions or want to catch up or would like to help support me with this trip please email me or call me and i can let you now how.
love you all! xoxo