Baby Kulah kicks again...

HELLO It’s me again.  I’ve been bugging my mom at least 5-6 times a day to write again but she said I had to wait til I was over 30 weeks old in my water home.  Last Friday I had my 30-week-old birthday so here I am, Hoorayy!! 

For my 28-week-old birthday my Mom and Dad brought me flying.  I thought it was going to be really hard and scary but instead I just sat in a seat for a REALLY long time.  It was pretty boring so I decided to work on my kickboxing moves to pass the time.  I especially loved to try my moves on my Mom’s punching bag (bladder).  My Mom seemed to like it because she kept waking up my Dad so he could feel my new moves.  I can’t wait to come outside so I can really show off my new moves.

FINALLY by the time I had hair on my head we made it from my Dads country to my Moms country.  Our first stop was to meet my Mom’s family.  My Mom and Dad haven’t stopped talking about them since I was a small zygote.  I met my Nana, Grandpa, Auntie, and Uncle and it made me sooo happy.  They were all really nice and I could tell my Mom and Dad were really happy too.

For the past 2 weeks my parents and I have been staying with my grandparents in some place called Chelmsford.  Once we got here my parents and Nana brought me to see a new photographer to take pictures of me inside my water home.  This photographer wanted to take pictures of EVERYTHING.  She took pictures of my heart, my hands, my legs, my head, my tummy, my face, and my feet.  Then the photographer asked my parents if they wanted to know if I was a boy or girl.  I was SOOO embarrassed but I told them it was okay to find out.  SURPRISE, I’m a girl!!  I haven’t told them yet what I want my name to be but I like to leave my parents in suspense.

Over my 30 weeks of growing in my water home I have continued to leave my parents in suspense.  Since I grew eardrums, I have heard my Mom and Dad praying to God about me and all the unknowns ahead, (Ugh they worry about me so much), but like usual God continues to show them that everything is going to be okay if they will just continue to put their faith in Him.  I keep trying to tell them that but you know how parents can be. 

Anyway I should probably get back to working on my kickboxing cause my Mom is starting to get ready for bed but I am excited to meet you all when I come out of my water home in 10 weeks. 

Love you Mom and Dad.


One of my sweet moves, Hiya!


God is full of adventure and surprises!

Good bye Mercy Ships! (see you in a few months)

Hello Ghana!

or... Change of plans!!
Hello USA!!

Love you Jacobsen's!

God decided 3 weeks before we were suppose to leave for Ghana to bless the Kulah family with a visa to the US.  God is a god of adventure and surprises!!

Guess who's coming home?

Thanks Rob and Denise.  Now time to surprise the Annie and Greg.  

Surprise again! 
Actually my parents knew we were coming home (especially since we'll be living in their basement for the next 5 months) but my mom still looks exceptionally surprised. 

Now for the real surprise. 

She had a small inkling that we were coming 5 minutes before we rang their doorbell but that may have been due to the fact that my parents rented a car and that no one ever rings their doorbell. heheh!

First stop: Virginia for Annie's graduation.  Great job Annie we are so proud to have a doctor (JD) in the family!! 

Not even one month prior to this picture being taken was the thought of being together with all these lovely people even a possibility.  Thank you God!

Next stop: Home!
Baby Kulah is still getting ready to enter this big world but because of God's love and faithfulness I am so excited to announce that he or she will be born in the US surrounded by our amazing friends and family.  

"I will sing of the Lord's great love forever; 
with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through 
all generations."  Psalm 89:1