My first blog...

Baby Kulah’s debut:

SURPRISE!! Hello to all my Mom and Dad’s friends and family! Right now I am growing inside my mommy’s belly. I turned 15 weeks yesterday and my mom and dad said I am big enough now to be in my first blog. I had some photographer come and take some pictures of me inside my water house. I heard her talking to my mom that she wanted to measure my head to my bum so I decided it would be fun to play a game with her. So I kept kicking my feet, moving my arms all around, and even flipped over to my belly just for fun. But then after about 20 minutes I was too tired so I decided to let her see how tall I was. She said I was 6 cm, but now I am about 4 and ½ inches. I’m not sure yet if I’m a boy or a girl but the doctor said he would tell me on my 20 week birthday (by then I’ll be 6 and ½ inches tall!!).

Right now my parents live on a big water house (not as nice as mine) but when I hit my 28 week birthday we need to move to a cement home. So my parents told me that we will be taking a road trip to Ghana. We will live here for a few months until I am born. Don’t worry my mom and dad have prayed a lot about this and are really at peace about this being the right decision. I may even be able to meet my grandma and grandpa while there!! The doctors say I leave my water home around the 17th of August. Yahoo!!

Then as soon as my Daddy gets his special golden ticket (US visa), we will all be able to come and meet you! I am even MORE excited about that day!!

I hope my mommy and daddy let me write again but either way I know they will do their best to keep you all updated. Please be praying for me as I get ready to come into this world. I’ve never been to Ghana before (actually I haven’t been anywhere) but please be praying that all the details come together and everything goes smoothly on my REAL birth day.

Love you all.

~Baby Kulah