The power of words

Spreading the good news.  Bringing the gospel to those who don’t know Jesus.  Sharing the love of Christ.  While working on the ship we were able to spread the love of Christ in a tangible way as we worked with people in need.  At times we had the divine opportunity of sharing verbally the love of Christ to those we served and ALL the time we had the amazing opportunity of showing the love of Christ through our hands and feet.  After being on the ship for three years God has formed a passion to share the love of Christ in this way.  I would talk with patients, parents of patients, day workers, and even crew members about the love of Christ.  Last May when Greg and I found out that we were coming to the US I was soooooo excited but I was also really nervous and unsure about how God would use me while at home.  Could I be as effective for Gods kingdom?  Could God use me at home?

The following are some short stories about how God has been at work through my time home.
Appointment Testimonies:  Two days after we returned to the states I had my first prenatal appointment.  From that point on I met with the doctors (6 total) every 2 weeks and then every week for the last month of my pregnancy.  Each visit the doctors would look through my chart and ask something about the ‘boat I came from’.  Two of the doctors and I went into deep conversations about the work done in West Africa through Mercy Ships.  Then during my 3 -day stay at the hospital, after giving birth to Hailey, I was able to talk with all the nurses that took care of me and also the nurses aides and even a housekeeper.  All of these interactions were initiated by the staff, which made each one even more special.  A few of the nurses were so interested we would end up talking for 30 minutes or more which for a nurse is a VERY long time.  They asked for Mercy Ships website and also my email.  I pray that during these particular conversations that God was able to open eyes and soften hearts to his love and care for his people around the world.

            Gregory’s memoirs:  As I mentioned in my last blog it has been great being home not only to have Hailey but also for Greg to get to know my friends and family more.  I have told Greg many times that I think he should write a book about how faithful God has been to him throughout his entire life.  Keeping him safe during Liberia’s 14 years of civil war, getting him through a tough family upbringing, connecting him with Mercy Ships and making a way for him to become crew, and of course bringing us together in marriage.  Because of our extended time home Greg has been able to share stories with my friends and family about God’s faithfulness to him.  Not every person or friend of mine will have the opportunity to go to Africa but through Greg’s stories a little bit of Africa has come here to them.  I pray that through these times of sharing a better understanding of Africa will be created for all who haven’t been there.

            Ms. Hailey Faith Kulah:  So this is my first time having a baby but man o man do I feel blessed.  It has been so wonderful being a mom and loving and caring for this little life that God has entrusted me with.  Since having Hailey (4 weeks ago today) I have been able to have some of the most amazing conversations with friends from all parts of my life.  High school, college, Mass General, church, Mom’s college friends, Dad’s coworkers, the list goes on and on.  With about 3 months left here in the states, I am grateful for these times reconnecting with people I love.  Hailey has opened up a whole new ministry to my family and me.  

God can do more than we could ever ask or imagine (Eph 3:20) and he has proved that to me once again during this time home.  Recently I have been reading through Acts and also thinking about how Paul shared the ‘good news’.  I saw that time and time again Paul would use his testimony to help convey the love of Christ.  What a powerful tool that is.  God has shown me that I have that same tool I can use as well, sharing the many stories of God’s faithfulness to me. Whether in West Africa or Chelmsford God has shown me that if I rely on Him he can use me anywhere.