Learning how to juggle…

Upon returning to the ship, after Greg and my time back in the US, I knew I was going to have to do a bit of a juggling act. As of September 5th I would be working 20 hours in the hospital and 20 hours out of the hospital (Off Ships). Just like any ‘change’ the beginning is always interesting as you try and figure out when to throw a ball UP and when to grab the next one. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be good at this ‘juggling’ thing but so far so good.
I was a bit worried about working back in the hospital because I had been out of ‘ship nursing’ for about a year because of my time in West Africa and my new role earlier this year. But I was also SUPER excited to be doing patient care again. The hospital leadership asked if I would be willing to do post-operation care (wound care) and I said “Sure!” I have been doing this now for about 3 weeks and I have loved every single minute of it! It is nice to do something that I know and that I love.

The other great thing about doing this post-operative care is that I get to do wound care on all of my Hope Center patients. These are the patients I go and teach three times a week. It is such a blessing to be with them in so many different aspects of their journey with Mercy Ships. With my new schedule I will continue to teach my three days a week but I am now trying a new method of teaching by writing out role-plays on preventable illnesses. Sounds challenging doesn’t it? Well you are right but it is exciting to see how the patients and day volunteers/translators have fun with it.

So my third juggling piece is the continuation of the church leaders conferences. This year Mercy Ships has decided to do follow up conferences for each of the conferences that went on earlier this year. The first will be held on the September 28th in Freetown (where the ship is located). The next two will be held on October 4th in Bo (~5 hr drive) and the last on October 5th in Makeni (~3hr drive). These conferences always make me a bit nervey (yup made up a word) but God is teaching me that where I am the weakest that’s when I am the strongest because I rely on HIS strength. So be praying that I am very very weak. After these conferences are finished then comes the fun administration part which I looooovvvee (heavy sarcasm). Be praying for weakness in this too.. hehe…

Let’s recap for a second.
‘Becca’s Juggling Act’ includes
1. Post-operative care
2. Health education at Hope Center
3. Church Leaders Conference
This act may look complete but I don’t want my act to be boring so I thought I would throw in one more exciting piece: the planning and preparation for Greg and my marriage.
Today marks exactly two months until the ‘Big Day’. Greg and I met with our amazing wedding planners, Dulce and Liz, last week and saw how much we haven’t done yet. We are also still meeting weekly with our ship chaplain Marty and weekly with our Sierra Leone pastor, Pastor Moses, who will be marrying us. There is still a lot that has to be done but it has been so cool to see the willingness and desire of friends and family wanting to help out. God has been so obvious throughout each step of our preparations.
Who knows maybe you want to help out too. And if you do you are in luck I have things that I need you to do! These things are very important, don’t cost a lot, and are VITAL for this small little juggling act AND the many life acts that are to follow. I need your prayers.
Please be praying for the rest of this Sierra Leone outreach and all that Mercy Ships is doing. Be praying for all the patients for both physical and spiritual healing and that they would truly see Jesus in all that we do and say. And please continue to lift up Greg and I in prayer as we prepare for our marriage. We are super excited to see how God will use us to further his kingdom but still have many unknowns ahead of us. To God be all the glory and honor both now and forever more!


September already?!

What an amazing time Greg and I have had with all of our friends and family here in the US. This entire vacation was possible because of all of your prayers and God intervening to get Greg his visa. 'With God ALL things are possible' and that has been a reigning truth throughout not only Greg's and my relationship but through our lives as well.
This past month has been anything but boring. To give you a quick breakdown: Sierra Leone- Virginia-Maryland-Boston-Ohio-Boston- New Hampshire-Boston. We spoke at two churches, one retreat, went to a wedding (not our own.. congrats Caiti and Charlie), and an engagement party (this WAS for us.. thanks Mom!). We had over 30 meals out with friends and family. Watched 15 movies. We purchased a wedding dress and a suit for Greg. Spent 160$ at Christmas Tree Shop for wedding flair. Purchased over 170 candles. Bought one mustache. Drove over 1500 miles. Walked the dog over 10 miles, hiked two mountains, and drove my mother crazy only 3 times.
We have both had such an amazing time with all of you and it is with a heavy heart that is now overflowing with love that this part of our journey must come to an end. We thank you for every phone call, meeting, conversation, dinner, lunch, gift, prayer, hug, smile, and laugh. Know that each was meaningful and special to us both. I know we weren't able to see everybody. We wish we could have spent more time with each one of you but please know in your hearts the love we have for you.
I pray that God will continue to bless each and everyone one of you and that you will continue to trust and obey him with your WHOLE lives.

I am still working on my grammar, so for now instead of making my 'grammatically correct friends' cringe, here is an abbreviated pictorial of our time home.

How lucky i am to know so many people that are so hard to say goodbye too...
Until next time!

Back to Africa we go...