Pipe Twister

After helping write pediatric protocols and updating other hospital information for the first month after Benin, I decided to take the last month in Tenerife and expand my resume.
Rebecca Taylor- Pediatric ward nurse, Engine Room Volunteer..
I figured that I usually work with human plumbing so that working with ship plumbing shouldn't be too different. The engine=brain, the plumbing= veins/arteries, the oil tanks and water tanks= gastrointestinal system, filtering system= lymphatic system, generators= heart (I know I'm a dork)
The following pictures will give you a glimpse of what we did and how dirty we got. We cleaned oil tanks and water tanks, we cleaned over and under pipes, we cleaned under generators, we cleaned on top of and underneath deck and tank plates, we helped empty and fill oil/water tanks, and we soaked up and wiped up every wet and dirty area that our bodies could 'gumby' into. (Laura and I found out we were master contortionists)
Over this month I had the pleasure of working with a 5 people everyday; Sieh, Laura, Dag, Johan, and Abraham. There were other people that helped as well but this was the core team I worked with over the 4 weeks. Due to the loud noise, confined and dangerous spaces, and sometimes excessive heat we learned quickly to not only work as a team but to trust one another. Even though it was definitely hard work we always made it fun; party in the pipes, karaoke in the tanks (we sounded like angels.. well sort of ), and frequent dance offs. It was such a blessing getting to know each of these friends and seeing their servant hearts throughout it all.
Another blessing, about being down in the engine room, was having the opportunity of getting to know the different crewmembers that work in the engine and deck departments. Both of these groups keep the ship running but are usually working in areas that are unseen. Now for the group of us that helped out, it was definitely hard work but we also knew that there was a 'light at the end of the tank'.. (haha I'm so funny) We had an end date where as these guys go in there day after day, week after week with and on things that I don’t even know how to explain. It was amazing to see the wisdom and skills these crew members have. WOW!
I am so thankful for God giving me the opportunity of being covered from head to toe in oil, and smelling like a old leaky car, and being able to scrape out oil and rust while working with some of the most humble hard working men and women. My love for my ship family has grown immensely over my time in Tenerife and God has turned a time that I was dreading and has given me new friends, stronger unity, and a deeper love and closeness to Him.

Watch out Togo, here we come!!

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Kate said...

You *are* the Energizer Bunny! Miss you........glad to read about your month! Thanks Becca:)