"I am a somebody"

I am a pediatric nurse.
Ever since I was a kid I have always lovvvveeedd children and knew that whatever job I ended up with it would involve working with kids. So when I came to Mercy Ships last year, for the first time in my nursing career I had to take care of adult patients. Most nurses come to the ship nervous to take care of children or babies where as I was nervous about taking care of adults... shh.. Don’t laugh!

When I first started working on the wards last year, almost every single surgery that was performed, I had never heard of. Yet, due to my experience at MGH I felt comfortable with most of them, except... VVF.

While in Benin I had prayed and asked God that if and when, I had to take care of these ladies, that he would be my wisdom and skills for this unknown territory. But there were so many pediatric patients, that I worked only with children and never with the VVF women. (phew)

Now, in Togo, due to a series of events, we have been able to do almost twice as many VVF surgeries. I had been praying a lot about taking care of these women and asked God to soften my heart and calm my nerves. So last week, for the first time in my life, I worked in 'urine land'.
Yeah it was hard work.
Yeah I was running around from catheter to catheter.
Yeah I asked about 10 questions an hour to whoever would listen.
But it was amazing. My heart was and is overflowing with love and care for these women. Praise God!!

Here is an example of stories from some of the VVF women :

Hallelujah! Amen!
I just want to start off my saying thank you to God. I also pray a blessing to all the doctors, nurses, and day workers for the care and love they have given me. God knows and he will reward you.
I am up her overflowing with joy and love. I praise God for the testimony he has given me.
Hallelujah! Amen!
When I was a teenager I got pregnant with my first child. I gave birth on my own [no doctor/hospital]; the baby died a few months later. Later I got pregnant with my second child and this baby was born dead. I then got pregnant with my third child and went to the doctor to have a surgery (cesarean) and this baby was also born dead and this is also when I got the disease (vesico vaginal fistula).
I have been leaking urine for over 20 years now. My husband died over 10 years ago now, I have no children, and my family has all left me because of this disease. The children in the village mock me and tease me by saying things like ‘smelly’ and run by holding their noses making faces. Before I got this disease I use to sell a fruit drink but after I got this no one would buy from me.
I no longer had money.
I no longer had food.
I no longer had friends.
I was no longer a lady.
I was no longer a person.
I was a nobody.
A few months ago I heard that people were coming who might be able to help. But they were coming on a boat and I have never even seen the ocean because my village is very far from the sea (roughly 400km). But God provided for me!

Hallelujah! Amen!
I came on this ship 4 days ago and after leaking urine and being smelly for 20 years I am healed.
I am dry.
I am a woman again.

I am a somebody.

Thank you Jesus! Thank you Mercy Ships!
Hallelujah! Amen!


Europe said...

beautiful Becca :o) Thanks for putting life into perspective. I miss you and am sending lots of love your way. ~Vanessa

Eagle said...

v. beautiful blog! :)


luc said...

dear becca, thank you for this beautifull and painfull story - congratulations for your work on the ship - you can read my stories (in dutch) but with beautifull pictures on my blog :

lindsay said...

Becca-girl, why was I not following your blog before I wonder? Anyhoo, I am now! Thanks for being willing to dive in to VVF-land... loved having you there!

Lynette said...

that was such a moving story. Thanks so much for sharing. I have added these women to my prayer list. I always pray for you, especially on your birthday! Happy Birthday Becca! Love, Lynette