God you created the heavens and the earth

the sea and the sky, the night and the day.

God you created all these things and more, and said they were 'GOOD'

Then God you made something even more magnificent than mountains,

even more majestic than your vast oceans,

even more breathtaking than sunrises and sunsets,

even more beautiful than your precious flowers

and even more intriguing than the grace of dolphins or the speed of a cheetah.

These things that you made you said were 'GOOD'

But God you made something that you said was 'VERY GOOD'

You created something that can talk with you, laugh with you, relate with you.

You created Man. You created me. You created each and every person on this earth. Once you were finished you said it was 'VERY GOOD'

It is sad how we can look at all these beautiful pieces of your creation and have tears come to our eyes, with how amazing they are, but when we look at ourselves we dont think that we are 'VERY GOOD' we sometimes don't even think we are 'GOOD'

God you are our loving Father and Creator and when you made us we were the most beautiful and precious things of all.
God may we see the precious sons and daughters that we are to you.
God may we see how beautiful we are and how special we are to you.
God next time we are standing on top of a magnificent mountain, or watching a breathtaking sunset or just looking in a mirror, I pray that we will be reminded that we are more beautiful and breathtaking than these.
Thank you God!

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