Part 2: The Fishing Village Photo Album

A small glimpse in to the church, village, and friends, that I have fallen in love with.
Eglise Mission Internationale de Christ otherwise known as the Fishing Village Church
In 2010 this is the church structure we use to worship in.

This is the photo I took today of the new church building we now worship in. 2012

Pastor James preaching in 2010 at EMIC or the fishing village church

Pastor James preaching in the new church building. 2012

Some of the church members with me wearing the dress they gave me as a gift for helping. 2010

Some of my students while teaching Health Education in 2010

The land surrounding the church.

My visit back to Togo in 2011 with some of church members and of course a lot of children.

The Adoukpo family except for the oldest sister who lives in the north of Togo with her husband. 2011

The health screening with CHE to about 60 children. 2011

Four church members with Pastor James and his wife. The three ladies sitting down come to the fishing port every day, except Sunday, to wait for the fishermen to return with their catch and then they proceed to scale the fish and then either send them to be frozen or smoked. If no fish are caught then each one involved in that process go home for the day with no money for their family. 2011

One of the elders of the church standing firmly next to his fishing boat. Every morning by 5am he will go out and stay out until he has either caught a full load OR the sun has dropped and he must come back in.

A typical picture of the palm leaf houses with tarp roofs. As I walked through the fishing village last year this was the only house type that i saw. Inside each house would be between 6-8 people. Their homes serve not only as a place to sleep but also their work place so many families smoke fish directly next to their homes.
Church Member, Finance Director, Women's Bible study Director, and Fish Smoker and seller

Church Member and Fish smoker

After reading this post and the one before my main prayer is that something in your heart will be stirred. That you would remember this church, this village, our brothers and sister, my friends, in your prayers. To the God who can do more than we could EVER ask or imagine, to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

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