Babies WITH milk

Now a days I don't get off the ship much (or ever) unless it is for a weekly trip to the market to stock up on fresh fruits.  But last Tuesday I had the amazing opportunity of going to see an organization in town that provides formula for babies whose mothers have passed away.   I truly felt blessed to be a part of this day and to be able to meet so many amazing men and women who have stepped up and stepped into to take on the care of these little ones lives.   It was also amazing to see how a program like this was started and how it continues to run.  This program runs out of one woman’s home and provides formula for babies within the Conakry area.  They currently have over 200 babies and have an additional 200 babies (over 1 year) who have graduated to rice.   Every 2 weeks these babies with their caregivers show up to Dania's doorstep (Guinean woman) and hand out whatever formula they have.  The second woman that founded this group is named Estel.  She has been living in Guinea for over 25 years doing an array of jobs but most recently has poured herself into "Babies without milk".
Top:Me, Tracey, Cora, Estel, Dania, Dania's son, Hailey
Bottom: Ali, Zoe, Dania's daughter

One of my friends onboard, Tracey, has an amazing testimony of how God connected her with this group and with a little baby in need. Please check out her blog: Tracey's blog
Ali also wrote about our little adventure out and amongst such an amazing group of men and women: Ali's blog

Babies without milk is a great example of God providing their daily bread.  Sometimes the funds don't meet the need, so they dig deeper.  Sometimes they go into debt, but they keep going and each time God provides.  What an amazing example of trust and dependence on our loving Father.

As we drove away from this amazing group my heart leaped with joy with all they had done and were doing.  In the same beat I was saddened thinking about the all those babies without caregivers or without a program like this.  The statistics of babies, children under 5, and mothers dying in West Africa are overwhelming but when you hold a baby that could have been part of that statistic you cant help but praise God for the faithfulness of his children.

This group is an example of what can happen when you ignore the tsunami of hopeless statistics and instead to reach out and help those within your grasp. This group and all those involved should challenge and encourage us to never give up, to keep our hope in and on Jesus at all times, and to do the best we can with what God has given us.

“Do not think that love in order to be genuine has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” - Mother Teresa

Please be praying for this group, the babies with their caregivers, and the many other motherless babies that are unable to be part of a group like this. 

*Thanks to Michelle Murray for her amazing navigation skills and photography skills ;0)


Jessica Desrosiers said...

What an inspiration! And such an important effort for babies there. Truly amazing, thank you for sharing, really made my day!!


Jessica said...

Thanks Becca. I reall needed to read this tonight. Love ya sister!