Some random stories:

Back flip FLOP: So a few days after i arrived in Benin a friend suggested that a bunch of us go to a nearby swimming pool.  Once we arrived I instantly noticed a tall diving platform and the ideas started streaming.  My friend, Elliot, decided he would do a back flip off of this 5 meter platform.  Jump up, flip around all the way, SPLASH!  "Psshh I can totally do that" I thought to myself.  I climbed up and yelled down for some quick instructions and then off I went.  Jump up, flip around... half way and FLOP! Yea that's right, flat on my face, red and white streaks up my legs and the "ouuu" from the crowd of people around the pool.  
(update: I made myself go back up and try again and made it all the way, but my pride was still bruised)

2am Shower: I'm back on doing night shifts at work.  I actually don't mind doing night shifts it's the sleeping during the day that is hard for me.  But now that I am on the ship this is a requirement and so far so good.  During my 2nd night shift I was taking care of a little boy that was VERY sick.  Continuous albuteral nebs, chest PT, fluids, IV antibiotics, the works.  So basically I was one to one with this child even though i had 9 other children on various wards.  As you can imagine this boy did not like me patting his chest and putting a plastic cup around his face all night.  At one point he was batting my hand away, again, and I held my ground and continued on with the treatment.  Well next thing I know as i stood there the little boy started peeing all over his mom and by the time I noticed what was going on he redirected his stream, intentionally, and peed all over me.  For the first time that night the little boy smiled.  Little boy 1 Becca 0.  

Africa Shorts: In the ship handbook they talk about proper dress attire.  In their it reads that you are allowed to wear athletic clothes as long as you are working out but besides that nothing above the knee.  Wellll... my friend Jamie and I went on our morning walk and then after dashed over to breakfast which gets put away at 730am.  We grabbed our breakfast and then went over to sit and eat.  As we sat their some friends came over and one said basically that we were breaking ship rules.  (side note: my shorts sit RIGHT above my knee when i stand just to clarify).  Utterly confused and thinking he was kidding i asked "for real?"  He then continued to explain to us that anything that shows the knee is considered R-rated (knees= chest and chest= knees).  As he talked i slowly took in my surroundings and realized we truly were the only 2 people with our knees showing.  Jamie and i quickly finished eating and ran off to our cabins to repent and change.  PS mom please send me longer shorts! love your inappropriate-shorts-wearing daughter

Be careful what you pray for: So now that i am feeling better i have been trying my best to continue to apply all that i learned during that time.  Keeping my focus on God, remembering why i am here, and getting to know him more.  But i am also wanting to do more things, meet new people, get out and see Africa, etc.  Now i can do both of these things simultaneously but sometimes my priorities get askew.  The other night as I went to bed i prayed that God would give me a better prayer life.  I have a list of people and things to pray for but at times I feel like my heart isn't truly in it.  The next morning i woke up to work my day shift.  I got up at 6a to do my bible time then went down to work at 7a.  As i went from ward to ward to see which one i was in I got to the last ward only to find out i wasn't working a day shift but an evening shift (starts at 2p).  Hmm, be careful what you pray for! Over the next few hours of 'free time'  I was able to clear my head and truly spend time in prayer.  Pray for me so i can be better at praying for you.  heheh 

Okay that is it for now.  I know there will be plenty of funny/weird/awkward stories to come. 


Danielle A. said...

Gap has some super comfy workout capris that would come in handy I think... :) Glad to hear that you're already getting some fun stories to share.

Andy Bradshaw said...

Doesn't matter what continent she may be on, Becca is Becca. Praying for you (and your patients)and laughing with you. Keep the updates coming. - Andy

larryk13 said...

So, let me get this straight... you can only wear 'LONG SHORTS' on the ship!! nice paradox.....

seriously, very glad that you are well. and yes, we will continue to pray that you can pray:)

keep the faith!

Shauna and Ben said...

I love funny/weird/awkward stories!!!! And I love that you like to share them! I could write a few novels with my own stories...and there is nothing like being away from home to help highlight all thise wonderful moments! Keep those knees covered!

Janet N said...

How I love little boys! I now have a link to your blog on my blog! http://crazyhouse5.blogspot.com/
We continue to pray for you.

Kate said...

Knees = chest? Wow, I've got great knees - finally it's a good thing :) (honestly, who doesn't have great knees?)

Thanks for your great updates, we all appreciate them so much.

Lots of love, Becca!