*-For the glory of God-*

1 Corinthians 10:31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

I have now been in Africa for almost 2 months serving on the Africa Mercy. I am still settling in and feeling 'comfortable' but defintiely know that it'll be awhile before I can truly call this ship my home.

Working on the wards has been unbelieveable. The nurses that I work with come from all around the world and they have all come for one purpose and that is to serve God. It is amazing to see how God works through a bunch of strangers who are obeying His will for their life. One of the most special things to me about serving as a nurse on the ship is the freedom to be able to pray. At first it was pretty awkward since for my ENTIRE nursing career this was a big NO NO but it is so amazing to see how God truly does hear our prayers and also how much He comforts the family and patient. Not only do we pray with the patients on the wards but also at the beginning of every shift all the nurses gather and pray together. God is so evident in this place and you can see his hands at work not just in the hospital but all around the ship and even off the ship as well.
Another great thing about working in the wards has been the opportunity to get to know some of the translators from Benin. Living on the ship is like living in a mini version of America so it has been great talking with adn getting to know some of Benin coworkers. It has also been great to see their passion and heart to serve the Lord and also to help their fellow countrymen.

One of the things I have struggled with is feeling like I should do more. Whenever I have a day off I think "Okay what can I do to serve the people of Benin." I feel like I need to go go go but God has shown me time and time again that it is NOT about doing as much as it is about seeking after Him and obeying Him. You think I would have learned after my whole arm thang that God does want me to just love him but i still get sidetracked at times. One of the things I had asked for prayer about was in regards to my prayer life. It's funny because I get all frustrated that i want to have a better prayer life and hear God in new ways but as I thought about it more i realized that my prayer life has increased 10 fold since signing up with Mercy Ships; It had to. I mean come on now, how crazy is it to leave my family, all my friends, my dream job, my new home, and all the other comforts of life to go and volunteer on a ship in Africa. Yea my prayer life has definitely increased. hehe. Anyway I have definitely felt your prayers for my prayers. (*if you would like to know specifics write back and i'll fill you in... it has been so cool!!) God has continued to draw close to me and I to Him in ways I never imagined.

Last week for the first time since arriving in Africa I can truly say that I missed my family. It is easy for me to be all strong and tough when saying "Yea I'll see my family in 2 years" but when seeing one of my friends get upset about missing her sister I started realizing how much I missed mine as well. Its kind of like watching a sad movie if no one cries then you are all set but the second someone drops a tear the waterfall begins. ugh! Anyway I started feeling all bad for myself and then started thinking about all the other things I was missing. Hugs from my parents, Duncan, the Buckley baby, Emily's birthday, huggin friends who are going through hard times, holidays, normal length shorts, the fall season... but as I sat there I had to think about 'Why am I here?' I knew in coming here that this would not be easy but God never said life would be easy actually he said it would be hard but thats why we have hope and peace knowing that this isnt all there is to life. As I thought more about these things my tears dried up and a smiled fell across my face because I KNOW that for now God wants me here and I have never had such peace and joy as I do now that I am here.

As I stare out over the ocean with the sunsetting in front of me I realize how truly wonderful and magnificent God is. I just want to encourage each and everyone of you that read this blog to keep your focus on God and God alone. Glorify God with your lives and by doing so also remember to love one another. We are all Gods missionaries whether it be in a foreign land or at home. No matter what your life circumstances are right now know that God is with you and is preparing you for something. I am sending an internet HUG to you all and some love as well.

Hebrews 3:13 But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.


Lynette said...

Becca -- truly a beautiful and inspirational blog. I'm listening to see what he has in store for me.
Here is an internet hug back to you, Becca! Have a great week.

Mom Taylor said...

Becca! I just read your blog TODAY (Oct. 21)... I didn't realize you'd posted a new one! Sorry I hadn't read it and known you had been sad! You have taken a very very big step to go so far away for so long.. after all~ you weren't really INTO being too far away from home for ANY great length of time before!! So I know that this experience will be REALLY HARD for you at times.. And I know you will have those times of really missing everyone ~ especially your MOM!! hehe! But seriously, we are all holding you up in prayer and seeking His face to keep you close to His heart and full of the joy you have in serving Him. Dad and I love you and know God will be keeping you in His love each and every day you are away. Much much love, Mom

Adjiphane07blog said...

Becca I want you to know that when you miss them (our parents), His (Jesus) overflowing presence and grace shall never miss you. Be bold! and count it all joy.

Adjiphane07blog said...

You had nice moment in Ghana I can see. Sometimes we need to rediscover our world so we can praise God in a more effective way. I am happy that your album is once aagin filled up with Ghana wonders.