Molded, knitted, and deeply loved

Over the past month plus I have been taking an online nursing class (which accounts for me being MIA).  It’s a bit weird (and really hard) to be back in school as I get my rusty gears moving again.  The simple things that I once knew so well I am now having to google to refresh my memory.  For pretty much ALL of my free time (when Hailey is sleeping or with one of her ship aunties) I am studying and/or writing.  About two weeks ago I started feeling guilty (and overwhelmed) for putting SO much time into this class and felt like I could be using that time to read the Word and or fellowship with friends.   So I started praying about it (should have done that a lot earlier!) and God showed me that not only was it okay to take this class but that through this class (and the many others that will follow) I was finding out more about who HE is and how I can best serve him.
Our God, the creator of the sea and skies, of the mountains and stars and also the creator of mankind is almost too awesome for words.  He took each one of us like a potter with clay and formed our bodies (Isaiah 64:8).  He created our inmost being by knitting us together (Psalm 139:13).  Each little hair on our skin and cell in our body he made specifically for you and me.  And even more amazing than that is that before he formed us he KNEW us (Jeremiah 1:5).  Think about that for a second (or for days!)  He not only molded us and knit us together but he also knows and loves each one of us personally.  In fact he loved us SOO much he sent down his perfect Son to die for us so that we may be forgiven and live eternally with him.  What an amazing Father, Creator, and Savior we have.
Our ship is full of dedicated surgeons and nurses.  

          As I ponder these truths from a medical point of view I am further astonished at his majesty and wisdom.  I have been a nurse now for almost 8 years and am still in awe at the complexity and intricacies of the bodies God created for us, so perfectly.  Today there is much that we know about the body and much still yet to be understood.  Being on Mercy Ships has continued to stop me in my footsteps as I think about not only how God forms our bodies but also how he fixes our broken bodies.  Sometimes the body knows how to fix itself.  For example, if the arteries of the heart are clogged, sometimes a new path will form to ensure the heart keeps beating.  If our bodies are unable to do the trick then God has given wisdom and knowledge (for some disorders) to doctors who know how to help. I have witnessed his miraculous work often onboard the Africa Mercy.  The other day I had the privilege of seeing a surgery performed. Watching the surgeon and nurses skillfully remove a facial tumor was amazing.  Seeing facial tumors removed and smiles formed, twisted legs straightened, or missing parts of the face created are all due to the amazing power of God through those he chooses to work through.  I just stand in awe of Our great Physician.
Being back in scrubs felt so good
even if I was just to observe a surgery.
Personally these same truths have become clearer to me since becoming a mom.  While carrying Hailey for 9 months God was knitting her together in my womb.  But even before Hailey was born, he knew her and loved her.  He also knew that Greg and I would be the perfect parents for her.  As we watch Hailey grow it is amazing to see her little personality come out and to know that God made her that way.   I also have a glimpse of what God did for us as he sent his ONLY perfect and holy Son down to earth to suffer and DIE for us.  His one and only Son.  That truth hits a LOT deeper now that I have one of my own.  What love he has for us!  As I think on all of this I am reminded that even in these days of changing diapers or studying anatomy, God is at work in me.  I may not always understand exactly what he wants from me every day, but I trust he will be with me and guide me.  Being a full-time mom has been a new experience.  Trying to prepare for becoming a Nurse Practitioner is a challenge.  But this reflection on how amazing our God is has helped me refocus on just how much God loves me and will continue to guide and direct me in the uncertain days ahead.
            Back to the books I go, reminded that life will bring these questions and challenges as we each choose our footsteps each day.  May He be your constant guide and comfort as well.

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Danielle Athanas said...

Becca - you are so so SO right that having a child helps us so much to see what God did for us by sacrificing His son for our benefit. So amazing. I love that you are able to see His hand in your studies as well... good luck with the balance, I know that with Him at the center you'll be fine. :) <3